Developing Intution Through Self-Esteem

A lot of people think of intuition as a gift. They talk of intuition as it is something that has been given to them (or as something that they have not yet received).

But intuition is not a gift and it never has been. Intuition can not be given to you – you can only create it yourself.

In fact, it already is there deep within you. You only lack the self-esteem to listen to it – and I am going to talk more about that in a minute.

Most people who want to develop their intuition do so with a specific outcome in mind. They want to use their intuition to help them achieve something or do something.

But intuition is not something that follows your own plans – intuition is something that follows a bigger plan than what’s your own. You might call it destiny, you might call it what God wants you to do, you might call it karma, luck, synchronicity or chaos. However you want to call it – it is related to the outside world in a much stronger sense than the plans that you carry in your own head.

And the only way to truly develop and sharpen your intuition is by throwing yourself into situations where you are faced with challenges that you do not know how to handle. You need to confront the unknown. To awaken intuition, you need to re-discover the mystery of life.

Only when you throw yourself into new experiences that you are not really equipped to handle, will you be able to listen to the guidance within you. Only when your conscious mind is in a state of confusion and at a loss for solutions are you able to discern the voice of intuition that speaks to you from all the other little voices that babble inside your head.

I am not talking about doing extreme or dangerous things, I am not talking about risking your mental health or walking along the line of insanity. That is not what this is about. It is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and getting yourself into situations where you lack the skills that are necessary to move ahead.

Because that is the moment when your intuition will jump in and put a big arrow in front of your mental eye that guides you the way.

Another common misconception about intuition: many people want to use their intuition in the way police uses a lie detector. They want to use it as a guarantee that the decisions they will make will be the “right” decision. They want intuition because they want more security and safety – but if that is your reason for wanting to sharpen your intuition, then you should re-examine your motives. Do you want more security or safety (which are illusions anyway in most cases) or do you want a more fulfilled life? A life that is happier and richer not just for yourself, but also for others?

Intuition is not an insurance policy – it’s your own personal powerful guide in life. But sometimes, it might take you places you did not know existed.

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