The Power of Self-Esteem: Turning Confidence into Achievement

a woman standing on a platform with colorful balls and a column, representing how healthy self-esteem leads to confidence which leads to achievement

Self-esteem is the secret sauce in the recipe for success. It fuels our drive to tackle challenges and reach our goals. But too much self-esteem can turn into stubbornness, making us stick to failing strategies. So, how do we strike the right balance between confidence and obstinacy? Healthy self-esteem helps us push forward, innovate, and … Read more

Perfectionism and Self-Esteem: A Delicate Dance of Achievement and Self-Worth

This minimalist and abstract image of a serene woman composed of precise geometric shapes and contrasting colors symbolizes the rigid standards and inner conflict of perfectionism, while also highlighting the calm and balanced state of self-acceptance essential for healthy self-esteem.

Sarah sat at her desk, the glow of her laptop screen illuminating her determined face. It was midnight, and she was perfecting the slides for her big presentation the next day. Every detail mattered – the font size, the alignment of images, the precise wording. Nothing short of perfection would suffice. Yet, despite her meticulous … Read more

55 Journaling Prompts for Self-Esteem That Actually Are Worth The Effort

a woman sitting on a table journaling with a black and red and blue pattern

As you engage with these journaling prompts for self-esteem, remember that there are no right or wrong answers. Your journal is a personal sanctuary where you can be completely honest with yourself. Regular practice can lead to increased self-awareness, improved emotional well-being, and a stronger sense of self-worth. Ready to embark on this transformative journey? … Read more

Self-Esteem Story for Kids: The Cloud That Couldn’t Rain

Self-esteem story for kids

This self-esteem story for kids emphasizes embracing individuality, finding alternative paths to success, appreciating diversity, persistence in problem-solving, and self-acceptance. It encourages children to value their unique qualities and to understand that there are many ways to contribute and be special, even if they’re different from what’s expected. Cirra’s Big Day High up in the … Read more

The Upside of Low Self-Esteem: Hidden Success Superpower

Imagine a young Sylvester Stallone, not the muscular, confident star of “Rocky,” but a struggling actor facing countless rejections. Stallone was broke, living in near-poverty, and repeatedly told that he didn’t have the looks or talent to become a movie star. His self-esteem was battered, but instead of giving up, he channeled his self-doubt and … Read more

Arrogance: Causes, Tips for Dealing With, and Potential For Transformation

artistic illustration of an arrogant looking woman

Imagine Alex, a brilliant software engineer renowned for their cutting-edge innovations and sharp intellect. Alex’s skills are undeniable, and they know it. This self-awareness, unfortunately, crosses into the territory of arrogance. Colleagues admire Alex’s expertise but are often put off by his condescending attitude and reluctance to collaborate. One day, Alex’s team is assigned a … Read more

Self-Centeredness to Self-Awareness: A Journey from Me to We

artistic illustration of a self-centered woman decorated with flowers thinking about her own grandiosity

Imagine a typical morning in the life of Alex. The sun hasn’t fully risen yet, but Alex’s mind is already buzzing with thoughts – thoughts centered around personal ambitions, plans, and a myriad of self-imposed pressures. Today, like most days, Alex’s first thoughts aren’t about family, friends, or colleagues, but rather about personal gains and … Read more

Tony Robbins: No Easy Route to Self-Esteem

Yesterday we shared an outtake from a conversation between Tony Robbins and comedian Theo Von on overcoming feelings of low self-worth. Here’s another outtake from the same conversation, this one focused on growing self-esteem, and why participation trophies and external validation is not the right way to build self-esteem. Tony Robbins’ take on self-esteem revolves … Read more