Arrogance: Causes, Tips for Dealing With, and Potential For Transformation

artistic illustration of an arrogant looking woman

Imagine Alex, a brilliant software engineer renowned for their cutting-edge innovations and sharp intellect. Alex’s skills are undeniable, and they know it. This self-awareness, unfortunately, crosses into the territory of arrogance. Colleagues admire Alex’s expertise but are often put off by his condescending attitude and reluctance to collaborate. One day, Alex’s team is assigned a … Read more

Breaking the Self-Promotion Paradox: Finding Success Without Sounding Boastful

illustration of a woman standing with crossed arms

In today’s highly competitive world, the art of self-promotion is more crucial than ever. Whether it’s climbing the career ladder, establishing a personal brand, or simply trying to stand out in a crowded field, knowing how to effectively present one’s abilities and achievements can be a game-changer. However, this necessity often clashes with a common … Read more

Self-Advocacy: The Art of Standing Up for Yourself

abstract image of a woman standing up

Self-advocacy is an empowering skill, enabling you to effectively communicate your needs and desires. It’s a crucial tool for both personal development and professional success. At its core, self-advocacy is about understanding your value, recognizing your needs, and confidently expressing them. Why is mastering self-advocacy so important? In a world where everyone is vying for … Read more

Emotional Resilience: A Guide to Bouncing Back Stronger

illustration of a woman looking determined, representing the idea of emotional resilience

Emotional resilience is an essential quality that enables you to adapt to stress, face adversity, and bounce back from challenging situations. Maintaining emotional stability and strength is more crucial than ever: society, and life as we know it is changing at an ever increasing pace. Economic shakeups, social media, AI, and virtual reality will change … Read more

The Psychology Behind Self-Aggrandizement

illustration of a boastful man on stage in the spotlight, arms raised, representing the concept of self-aggrandizement

Self-aggrandizement is a at its core an exaggerated sense of one’s importance, achievements, or capabilities, often expressed through boastful or pretentious behavior. This phenomenon is not just a personal attribute but is also influenced by cultural, social, and psychological factors. Understanding self-aggrandizement is crucial not only for personal development and interpersonal relations but also for … Read more

Approval Seeking: Breaking Free from the Maze of External Validation

illustration of a woman bowing her head seeking approval from someone else

Imagine for a moment that you’re navigating a labyrinthine maze with towering walls and narrow, winding passageways. With each step, you’re greeted by signs—some pointing toward “Acceptance,” others toward “Rejection.” Your heart pounds as you make each decision, partly guided by the ever-watchful eyes painted on the walls, their gaze following your every move. It’s … Read more

Self-Attribution: A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Mastery

illustration of a woman holding an award

Imagine you’re sitting in a dimly lit room, a single spotlight illuminating a stage where different versions of yourself are performing. Each version is acting out a scene from your life—a triumphant job promotion, a failed relationship, a challenging project. As you watch, you realize that you’re not just a spectator; you’re also the director, … Read more

Esther Perel on Fitting In vs. Belonging: A Cross-Cultural Dilemma

painting of two women having a conversation

The pursuit of self-love and fulfillment often requires navigating different cultural values and expectations. This dilemma is poignantly explored in a counseling session on the popular podcast “Where Should We Begin?” between renowned therapist Esther Perel and a caller of Pakistani descent. On the show, Perel engages in one-time intervention calls to help couples and … Read more

What Is Self-Confidence?


Do you sometimes feel like you are not good enough? Do you question your abilities and skills, even when others praise them? You might be struggling with low self-confidence. Self-confidence is an essential trait that helps individuals lead a fulfilling life, achieve their goals, and navigate through challenges. In this blog post, we will dive … Read more