Esther Perel on Fitting In vs. Belonging: A Cross-Cultural Dilemma

painting of two women having a conversation

The pursuit of self-love and fulfillment often requires navigating different cultural values and expectations. This dilemma is poignantly explored in a counseling session on the popular podcast “Where Should We Begin?” between renowned therapist Esther Perel and a caller of Pakistani descent. On the show, Perel engages in one-time intervention calls to help couples and … Read more

What Is Self-Confidence?


Do you sometimes feel like you are not good enough? Do you question your abilities and skills, even when others praise them? You might be struggling with low self-confidence. Self-confidence is an essential trait that helps individuals lead a fulfilling life, achieve their goals, and navigate through challenges. In this blog post, we will dive … Read more

Self-Esteem and Body Image for a Better You

Ever caught yourself wishing for a different body shape or size? You’re not alone. Negative body image is a common struggle, and it can really weigh down our self-esteem. But don’t worry, this blog is here to help! We’ll explore the connection between how we see our bodies and how we feel about ourselves.  Understanding … Read more

Confidence Quotes

This page is dedicated only to quotes about confidence. The reason why I love quotes is because they often contain a lot of accumulated life-wisdom from people in a very condensed format. It is like highly-concentrated life experience. Sometimes I read a quote and reflect on it for several days, because it really can be … Read more