Self-Schema: Your Inner Blueprint

abstract illustration of a female face

Imagine Sarah, a dedicated accountant for over a decade, suddenly realizes her true passion lies in teaching. As she transitions from crunching numbers to enlightening young minds, Sarah undergoes not just a career change but a profound transformation of her self-identity. Her story exemplifies the evolution of self-schema – the mental blueprint we each hold … Read more

Are You Egocentric?

illustration of an egocentric woman performing on stage

Imagine, for a moment, a character named Jessica. Jessica’s world revolves around a singular axis: herself. Every conversation, every interaction, and even the quiet moments of thought are filtered through a lens that centers her own experiences, beliefs, and feelings. It’s not that Jessica is uncaring or unkind; it’s just that her perspective is firmly … Read more

The Psychology Behind Self-Aggrandizement

illustration of a boastful man on stage in the spotlight, arms raised, representing the concept of self-aggrandizement

Self-aggrandizement is a at its core an exaggerated sense of one’s importance, achievements, or capabilities, often expressed through boastful or pretentious behavior. This phenomenon is not just a personal attribute but is also influenced by cultural, social, and psychological factors. Understanding self-aggrandizement is crucial not only for personal development and interpersonal relations but also for … Read more

Practices for Greater Self-Awareness: Uncovering Your Inner Landscape

illustration of a woman's face with deep expressive eyes

In a recent conversation between neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman and psychiatrist Dr. Paul Conti, the two experts dove deep into the question of how we can understand ourselves at a deeper level. They touched on many other aspects of mental health during their discussion, but the part we want to focus on here is the … Read more