Tony Robbins: No Easy Route to Self-Esteem

Yesterday we shared an outtake from a conversation between Tony Robbins and comedian Theo Von on overcoming feelings of low self-worth. Here’s another outtake from the same conversation, this one focused on growing self-esteem, and why participation trophies and external validation is not the right way to build self-esteem. Tony Robbins’ take on self-esteem revolves … Read more

Reflecting the True Self: Defense Mechanisms and the Quest for Authentic Self-Esteem

artistic illustration of a woman holding her head with overlapping shapes and colors reflecting different defense mechanisms

Imagine a scene: a grand, dimly lit ballroom filled with dancers gliding across the floor. Among them, a solo dancer moves with a grace that captivates everyone’s attention. However, unlike the others, this dancer’s face is hidden behind an elaborate, ornate mask. With each twirl and step, they adjust the mask, ensuring it stays in … Read more

More Money, More Self-Esteem? (New 2023 Study)

illustration of a confident wealthy woman and limousine representing the idea that higher income is connected to higher self-esteem

Past research has shown that people who make more money tend to have higher self-esteem. But it’s not clear which comes first – does having more money lead to higher self-esteem? Or does higher self-esteem drive people to earn more? This study aimed to understand how changes in income and self-esteem are connected within individuals … Read more