The Upside of Low Self-Esteem: Hidden Success Superpower

Imagine a young Sylvester Stallone, not the muscular, confident star of “Rocky,” but a struggling actor facing countless rejections. Stallone was broke, living in near-poverty, and repeatedly told that he didn’t have the looks or talent to become a movie star. His self-esteem was battered, but instead of giving up, he channeled his self-doubt and … Read more

Arrogance: Causes, Tips for Dealing With, and Potential For Transformation

artistic illustration of an arrogant looking woman

Imagine Alex, a brilliant software engineer renowned for their cutting-edge innovations and sharp intellect. Alex’s skills are undeniable, and they know it. This self-awareness, unfortunately, crosses into the territory of arrogance. Colleagues admire Alex’s expertise but are often put off by his condescending attitude and reluctance to collaborate. One day, Alex’s team is assigned a … Read more

Self-Centeredness to Self-Awareness: A Journey from Me to We

artistic illustration of a self-centered woman decorated with flowers thinking about her own grandiosity

Imagine a typical morning in the life of Alex. The sun hasn’t fully risen yet, but Alex’s mind is already buzzing with thoughts – thoughts centered around personal ambitions, plans, and a myriad of self-imposed pressures. Today, like most days, Alex’s first thoughts aren’t about family, friends, or colleagues, but rather about personal gains and … Read more

Tony Robbins: No Easy Route to Self-Esteem

Yesterday we shared an outtake from a conversation between Tony Robbins and comedian Theo Von on overcoming feelings of low self-worth. Here’s another outtake from the same conversation, this one focused on growing self-esteem, and why participation trophies and external validation is not the right way to build self-esteem. Tony Robbins’ take on self-esteem revolves … Read more

Reflecting the True Self: Defense Mechanisms and the Quest for Authentic Self-Esteem

artistic illustration of a woman holding her head with overlapping shapes and colors reflecting different defense mechanisms

Imagine a scene: a grand, dimly lit ballroom filled with dancers gliding across the floor. Among them, a solo dancer moves with a grace that captivates everyone’s attention. However, unlike the others, this dancer’s face is hidden behind an elaborate, ornate mask. With each twirl and step, they adjust the mask, ensuring it stays in … Read more

Breaking the Self-Promotion Paradox: Finding Success Without Sounding Boastful

illustration of a woman standing with crossed arms

In today’s highly competitive world, the art of self-promotion is more crucial than ever. Whether it’s climbing the career ladder, establishing a personal brand, or simply trying to stand out in a crowded field, knowing how to effectively present one’s abilities and achievements can be a game-changer. However, this necessity often clashes with a common … Read more

Feeling Undervalued, Invisible, and Insignificant?

illustration of a woman who feels undervalued sitting with her head tilted downwards and sunken shoulders

If you’re feeling undervalued, imagine this: Alex, a dedicated employee in a bustling marketing firm, starts their day before the sun rises. With a steaming cup of coffee in hand, they dive into their tasks with unwavering focus and determination. Alex isn’t just doing their job; they are consistently going above and beyond. They’re the … Read more