Reflecting the True Self: Defense Mechanisms and the Quest for Authentic Self-Esteem

artistic illustration of a woman holding her head with overlapping shapes and colors reflecting different defense mechanisms

Imagine a scene: a grand, dimly lit ballroom filled with dancers gliding across the floor. Among them, a solo dancer moves with a grace that captivates everyone’s attention. However, unlike the others, this dancer’s face is hidden behind an elaborate, ornate mask. With each twirl and step, they adjust the mask, ensuring it stays in … Read more

Breaking the Self-Promotion Paradox: Finding Success Without Sounding Boastful

illustration of a woman standing with crossed arms

In today’s highly competitive world, the art of self-promotion is more crucial than ever. Whether it’s climbing the career ladder, establishing a personal brand, or simply trying to stand out in a crowded field, knowing how to effectively present one’s abilities and achievements can be a game-changer. However, this necessity often clashes with a common … Read more

Feeling Undervalued, Invisible, and Insignificant?

illustration of a woman who feels undervalued sitting with her head tilted downwards and sunken shoulders

If you’re feeling undervalued, imagine this: Alex, a dedicated employee in a bustling marketing firm, starts their day before the sun rises. With a steaming cup of coffee in hand, they dive into their tasks with unwavering focus and determination. Alex isn’t just doing their job; they are consistently going above and beyond. They’re the … Read more

How to Create Your 24-Minute Plan for 2024

illustration of a woman standing in front of a giant calendar planning 2024

Imagine your future self standing at the brink of 2024, your eyes scanning the horizon of possibilities. You have dreams, ambitions, and perhaps even a quiet sense of urgency to make this year markedly different, more fulfilling than the last. But how do you transform these nebulous aspirations into tangible realities? One possible answer lies … Read more

People Pleasing: A Journey from Self-Neglect to Self-Respect

abstract illustration of a woman

Imagine Sarah, a young professional known by her colleagues and friends as the ‘go-to’ person for everything. Whether it’s staying late at work to help with a project or organizing social gatherings, she never says no. Her life appears full and rewarding, a bustling journey of continuous support for those around her. But late at … Read more

Self-Advocacy: The Art of Standing Up for Yourself

abstract image of a woman standing up

Self-advocacy is an empowering skill, enabling you to effectively communicate your needs and desires. It’s a crucial tool for both personal development and professional success. At its core, self-advocacy is about understanding your value, recognizing your needs, and confidently expressing them. Why is mastering self-advocacy so important? In a world where everyone is vying for … Read more

Self-Schema: Your Inner Blueprint

abstract illustration of a female face

Imagine Sarah, a dedicated accountant for over a decade, suddenly realizes her true passion lies in teaching. As she transitions from crunching numbers to enlightening young minds, Sarah undergoes not just a career change but a profound transformation of her self-identity. Her story exemplifies the evolution of self-schema – the mental blueprint we each hold … Read more

SELFIE Randomized Clinical Trial Findings

abstract illustration of a person's head

The SELFIE Randomized Clinical Trial, conducted from December 2018 to December 2022, focused on improving self-esteem in youth aged 12-26 years who have low self-esteem and a history of childhood adversity. The intervention was a novel blended Ecological Momentary Intervention (EMI), consisting of The study included 174 participants, primarily exposed to emotional abuse or neglect, … Read more