The Smarter Path: How Intelligent Narcissists Gain Status

illustration of an intelligent and successful narcissist

Intelligent and accomplished narcissists seem to gain status and recognition differently than those lacking smarts and success. While classic narcissistic behaviors like arrogance, entitlement, and haughtiness persist, recent research reveals smarter narcissists are less likely to tear others down to promote themselves. How does their intellectual capacity shape their status-seeking strategies? Psychologists break narcissistic status-seeking … Read more

Relative Narcissism: Coping With Family Members Who Are Pathological Narcissists

illustration of a woman stressed out by dealing with narcissistic family members

Navigating the emotional landscape of a family is challenging enough, but when a family member exhibits traits of narcissistic personality disorder, the emotional toll can be overwhelming. The constant need for validation, the manipulative tactics, and the lack of genuine empathy can make even the simplest interactions draining and complex. If you find yourself in … Read more

Am I Addicted to Porn or Just Narcissistic? The Difference Matters

abstract illustration of narcissistic man watching porn

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I’m addicted to porn”? Before you declare it an addiction, it’s important to understand why perceived pornography addiction is often linked more closely to narcissistic tendencies than an actual addiction. Recent research has uncovered strong connections between narcissism and believing oneself to be addicted to porn. Specifically, it’s the … Read more

The Testosterone-Narcissism Connection: What New Research Reveals

abstract illustration with red blue and black circles and black lines

In the realms of psychology and endocrinology, few topics are as individually compelling as narcissism and testosterone. Narcissism, often misunderstood and stigmatized, is a complex psychological construct that impacts not just the individual but also their relationships and communities. On the other hand, testosterone, a hormone most commonly associated with masculinity, has wide-ranging effects on … Read more

Low Self-Esteem & Narcissism: Understanding the Connection

Have you ever felt like an imposter, doubting your own worth, or perhaps stood tall with an inflated sense of self-importance? Or maybe there’s someone in your life in whom you see these traits. These seemingly opposite feelings might be more connected than you think. What if the key to unlocking your true potential lies … Read more