Breaking the Self-Promotion Paradox: Finding Success Without Sounding Boastful

illustration of a woman standing with crossed arms

In today’s highly competitive world, the art of self-promotion is more crucial than ever. Whether it’s climbing the career ladder, establishing a personal brand, or simply trying to stand out in a crowded field, knowing how to effectively present one’s abilities and achievements can be a game-changer. However, this necessity often clashes with a common … Read more

Self-Schema: Your Inner Blueprint

abstract illustration of a female face

Imagine Sarah, a dedicated accountant for over a decade, suddenly realizes her true passion lies in teaching. As she transitions from crunching numbers to enlightening young minds, Sarah undergoes not just a career change but a profound transformation of her self-identity. Her story exemplifies the evolution of self-schema – the mental blueprint we each hold … Read more

Self-Sabotage: The Art of Defeating Ourselves and How to Stop

illustration of a woman's face looking down with dark spots representing someone who practices self-sabotage

Imagine walking along a path, clearly marked towards a desired destination. Now, envision deliberately straying off this path, enticed by diversions that lead nowhere. This metaphor exemplifies self-sabotage, a perplexing behavior where individuals subconsciously hinder their own success, despite having clear goals and the capacity to achieve them. Self-sabotage manifests in varied forms. For some, … Read more

Self-Esteem vs. Self-Image: What’s The Difference & How Do They Relate?

We all have our own self-image and self-esteem, but do we know what they really mean? Self-image is a reflection of how we see ourselves physically and mentally. It is the way we perceive our own appearance and personality traits. On the other hand, self-esteem refers to our overall sense of self-worth and confidence in … Read more