Self-Sabotage: The Art of Defeating Ourselves and How to Stop

illustration of a woman's face looking down with dark spots representing someone who practices self-sabotage

Imagine walking along a path, clearly marked towards a desired destination. Now, envision deliberately straying off this path, enticed by diversions that lead nowhere. This metaphor exemplifies self-sabotage, a perplexing behavior where individuals subconsciously hinder their own success, despite having clear goals and the capacity to achieve them. Self-sabotage manifests in varied forms. For some, … Read more

More Money, More Self-Esteem? (New 2023 Study)

illustration of a confident wealthy woman and limousine representing the idea that higher income is connected to higher self-esteem

Past research has shown that people who make more money tend to have higher self-esteem. But it’s not clear which comes first – does having more money lead to higher self-esteem? Or does higher self-esteem drive people to earn more? This study aimed to understand how changes in income and self-esteem are connected within individuals … Read more