How to Create Your 24-Minute Plan for 2024

illustration of a woman standing in front of a giant calendar planning 2024

Imagine your future self standing at the brink of 2024, your eyes scanning the horizon of possibilities. You have dreams, ambitions, and perhaps even a quiet sense of urgency to make this year markedly different, more fulfilling than the last. But how do you transform these nebulous aspirations into tangible realities? One possible answer lies … Read more

People Pleasing: A Journey from Self-Neglect to Self-Respect

abstract illustration of a woman

Imagine Sarah, a young professional known by her colleagues and friends as the ‘go-to’ person for everything. Whether it’s staying late at work to help with a project or organizing social gatherings, she never says no. Her life appears full and rewarding, a bustling journey of continuous support for those around her. But late at … Read more

Self-Advocacy: The Art of Standing Up for Yourself

abstract image of a woman standing up

Self-advocacy is an empowering skill, enabling you to effectively communicate your needs and desires. It’s a crucial tool for both personal development and professional success. At its core, self-advocacy is about understanding your value, recognizing your needs, and confidently expressing them. Why is mastering self-advocacy so important? In a world where everyone is vying for … Read more

Self-Schema: Your Inner Blueprint

abstract illustration of a female face

Imagine Sarah, a dedicated accountant for over a decade, suddenly realizes her true passion lies in teaching. As she transitions from crunching numbers to enlightening young minds, Sarah undergoes not just a career change but a profound transformation of her self-identity. Her story exemplifies the evolution of self-schema – the mental blueprint we each hold … Read more

SELFIE Randomized Clinical Trial Findings

abstract illustration of a person's head

The SELFIE Randomized Clinical Trial, conducted from December 2018 to December 2022, focused on improving self-esteem in youth aged 12-26 years who have low self-esteem and a history of childhood adversity. The intervention was a novel blended Ecological Momentary Intervention (EMI), consisting of The study included 174 participants, primarily exposed to emotional abuse or neglect, … Read more

Are You Egocentric?

illustration of an egocentric woman performing on stage

Imagine, for a moment, a character named Jessica. Jessica’s world revolves around a singular axis: herself. Every conversation, every interaction, and even the quiet moments of thought are filtered through a lens that centers her own experiences, beliefs, and feelings. It’s not that Jessica is uncaring or unkind; it’s just that her perspective is firmly … Read more

Emotional Resilience: A Guide to Bouncing Back Stronger

illustration of a woman looking determined, representing the idea of emotional resilience

Emotional resilience is an essential quality that enables you to adapt to stress, face adversity, and bounce back from challenging situations. Maintaining emotional stability and strength is more crucial than ever: society, and life as we know it is changing at an ever increasing pace. Economic shakeups, social media, AI, and virtual reality will change … Read more

The Psychology Behind Self-Aggrandizement

illustration of a boastful man on stage in the spotlight, arms raised, representing the concept of self-aggrandizement

Self-aggrandizement is a at its core an exaggerated sense of one’s importance, achievements, or capabilities, often expressed through boastful or pretentious behavior. This phenomenon is not just a personal attribute but is also influenced by cultural, social, and psychological factors. Understanding self-aggrandizement is crucial not only for personal development and interpersonal relations but also for … Read more

Self-Sabotage: The Art of Defeating Ourselves and How to Stop

illustration of a woman's face looking down with dark spots representing someone who practices self-sabotage

Imagine walking along a path, clearly marked towards a desired destination. Now, envision deliberately straying off this path, enticed by diversions that lead nowhere. This metaphor exemplifies self-sabotage, a perplexing behavior where individuals subconsciously hinder their own success, despite having clear goals and the capacity to achieve them. Self-sabotage manifests in varied forms. For some, … Read more

Unworthiness Undone: Cultivating a Mindset of Self-Acceptance

illustration of a man with sunken head representing feelings of unworthiness

In a quaint town, there lived an artist whose hands danced with colors and whose imagination knew no bounds. This artist, Emilia, painted landscapes so vivid and portraits so lifelike they seemed almost ready to step out of the canvas. Despite extraordinary talent, Emilia was clouded by relentless feelings of unworthiness, seeing her art as … Read more