Self-Compassion: What It Is & How To Build It

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This is a guest contribution by Dr. Kristin Neff, an associate professor in the University of Texas at Austin’s department of educational psychology. Dr. Neff received her doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley, studying moral development. In the pursuit of well-being and happiness, we often focus on kindness, empathy, and compassion towards others. … Read more

Self Esteem Therapy: A Complete Guide

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Self-esteem is a critical aspect of our well-being, and it impacts all areas of our lives. If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, know that you’re not alone. We will cover everything you need to know about self-esteem therapy: what it is, how it works, and its effectiveness in improving your self-esteem. Finally, we will share … Read more

What Is Self-Confidence?


Do you sometimes feel like you are not good enough? Do you question your abilities and skills, even when others praise them? You might be struggling with low self-confidence. Self-confidence is an essential trait that helps individuals lead a fulfilling life, achieve their goals, and navigate through challenges. In this blog post, we will dive … Read more

Self-Worth vs. Self-Esteem: What’s the Difference?

Ever paused to wonder why some compliments make you soar, while criticisms can feel like a sting? Welcome to the intricate dance between self-worth and self-esteem. Imagine self-worth as your inner compass, a steadfast belief in your inherent value. In contrast, self-esteem is like the weather, sometimes sunny, at times stormy, influenced by external feedback. … Read more

Historical Perspectives on Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem, the regard or respect that individuals have for themselves, has been a topic of interest for centuries. While the term itself might be relatively modern, the concept has been explored and debated by philosophers, theologians, and scholars throughout history. Understanding the historical context of self-esteem provides insights into its evolution and significance in today’s … Read more

Self-Esteem Vs Self-Efficacy: What’s The Difference, And How Do They Relate?

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Self-esteem and self-efficacy are two related but distinct concepts. Self-efficacy is a person’s belief in their ability to complete a task or achieve a goal, while self-esteem is the regard or respect that a person has for oneself. Definition of Terms Self-esteem Self-efficacy A person’s overall sense of self-worth or self-value A person’s belief in … Read more

Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale

Rosenberg/s Self-Esteem Scale

In the field of psychology, self-esteem has been widely recognized as a critical factor influencing an individual’s mental well-being. Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale (RSES), created by Dr. Morris Rosenberg, is a renowned tool to evaluate an individual’s overall self-worth or self-esteem. Want to find out your own RSES score? You can take the test online here. … Read more

Understanding Self-Concept and Self-Esteem: A Guide for Everyone

self-concept vs self-esteem

In the realm of psychology, few topics are as essential and relatable as self-concept and self-esteem. These terms are tossed around, often misunderstood or oversimplified. Let’s dissect them properly. Self-Concept: What Is It? Self-concept is the perception that individuals have of themselves — it’s who you think you are. This view includes everything from your … Read more