Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale

Rosenberg/s Self-Esteem Scale

In the field of psychology, self-esteem has been widely recognized as a critical factor influencing an individual’s mental well-being. Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale (RSES), created by Dr. Morris Rosenberg, is a renowned tool to evaluate an individual’s overall self-worth or self-esteem. Want to find out your own RSES score? You can take the test online here. … Read more

Understanding Self-Concept and Self-Esteem: A Guide for Everyone

self-concept vs self-esteem

In the realm of psychology, few topics are as essential and relatable as self-concept and self-esteem. These terms are tossed around, often misunderstood or oversimplified. Let’s dissect them properly. Self-Concept: What Is It? Self-concept is the perception that individuals have of themselves — it’s who you think you are. This view includes everything from your … Read more

Self-Esteem & Motivation: Theory, Tips, Videos & Motivational Quotes

Are you trapped in a cycle of negative self-talk, feeling like your goals are slipping through your fingers? You’re not alone. The invisible connection between self-esteem and motivation governs our drive and ambition, yet few understand how deeply they’re intertwined. We’ll uncover the science that binds these forces, delving into renowned theories like Maslow’s Hierarchy … Read more

Understanding the Link Between Self-Esteem and Mental Health

Did you know that how you view yourself can significantly impact your mental well-being? Dive into the powerful connection between self-esteem and mental health, a relationship often overlooked yet profoundly influential in our daily lives. Discover why nurturing a positive self-image isn’t just about confidence—it’s a cornerstone of mental health. Mental health issues like depression, … Read more

3 Free Self-Esteem Meditation Scripts

Here are three free self-esteem meditation scripts you can use either for yourself, or with others. You can read these and internalize them, or you can record them and listen to them during your guided meditation sessions. Be free to use them any way you see fit. For more information on how medication can improve … Read more

Self-Esteem Meditation: Why It Works & How to Do It

Meditation has been shown to have a profound effect on our mental well-being, including our self-esteem. In this blog, we’ll delve into the connection between meditation and self-esteem and explore different types of meditation techniques that can boost your confidence. We’ll also provide step-by-step instructions on how to practice meditation for self-esteem, tips for incorporating … Read more

Self-Esteem Needs: Understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy

We all have basic needs that must be met in order to survive: food, water, shelter. But what about our emotional needs? Our need for approval, recognition, and respect? These self-esteem needs are just as important, if not more so, when it comes to our overall well-being. That’s where Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs comes in. … Read more

Self-Esteem vs. Self-Image: What’s The Difference & How Do They Relate?

We all have our own self-image and self-esteem, but do we know what they really mean? Self-image is a reflection of how we see ourselves physically and mentally. It is the way we perceive our own appearance and personality traits. On the other hand, self-esteem refers to our overall sense of self-worth and confidence in … Read more